Fridays antics.. video included 

As promised in yesterday’s post here is the video of last fridays antics. This was my ‘Greeting’ home.

Little bit of a background to this situation. The kitchen where Max stays on the days he does not come to work with me consists of two doors. One near the front door and one near the back.

What’s happened here is I’ve left the door near the back ajar. Meaning that whilst I was out working he was having a field day in the house. This video shows a good day; oh yes dear readers, this has happened before. Last time, however, he managed to go through not one, not two but three pairs of trainers and one pair of shoes. Now that was a rather devestating feeling as I walked through the door.

To be fair though, both these situations were my fault and Max just happened to reap the rewards. I hope you enjoy this video from last Friday, I have no doubt there will be many more down this road of dog commitment.



Bark on.


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