The summer is here, and Max is about!

So this will be the first summer I have spent with Max. In case you have missed previous posts (and you should go check them out by the way) Max is my 10/11 month old Staffie x Lab. Who is a crazy ball of energy, and never stops; even in his sleep he’s still going.

So those of you that have been fortunate, here in the UK we have seen a slight hike in temperatures, a mini heatwave you could say. This has brought out some quality time in the garden with the pooch and my 8 year old, Rhys. I’d like to say relaxing but it was far from it, time to get the garden ‘summer ready’.

Back tracking slightly to the first points I noticed about Max. This is that he does not really pay much attention to things that walk on the ground, but is blown away by things that can fly. From birds to flies. Which poses its own challenges for the dog (any dog), no more so than the fact he is never going to catch any of these flying objects. He doesn’t necessarily possess the ability to be stealthy. There’s no sneaking up on a bird. It’s bounding out of the house as fast as he can, paw spinning on the wooden floor scaring the bird off before he even leaves the threshold.

Bless him, it’s certainly not from lack of trying. 

Second point, he’s never really shown me a desire to dig in the garden, until this week. This could be down to the fact that the garden prior to this week was all shingle, not a great medium to dig in. That has now been lifted and I am left with mud/sandy garden. Which has brought out a who new animal in Max. 

Hes bounding around the garden digging in many different spots, doesn’t stay for long at one hole before moving to the next. He did this solid for about 2 hours, there really was no stopping him. His digging style is what had me and Rhys in stitches, switching between alternate paw digging (the usual dog digging style) to double paw I’m so excited I can not control myself digging. And there’s the sniffing, before he starts digging he is burying his nose and just sniffing the ground, getting right in there, it’s so funny.

I may find all this adorable and comical at the moment, I’m sure that will change when my turf goes down and these antics carry on. There maybe a new fence being errected around said grass so I can monitor his time on the new lawn.

What it has helped me remember is how much joy a dog can bring to your life. Without even trying they can bring more natural humour than any human. From the times he leaps in the air and misses his feet when he lands, to just running up and down the stairs like he is possessed. It’s all moments that I got a dog for, that my boy absolutely loves.

That was our Friday moments.

That was also without mentioning the fact that Max also pee’d up my dads leg. He suffers from uncontrollable excited peeing. When he gets that excited that he can not control his bladder, and it just spurts out. Not full streams, just constant little spurts. This is quite hard to manage at times as I have to make sure he’s going out at least every half hour to make sure his bladder is empty during the day when we are all playing with him. Not so much in the evening because he is normally catching up on sleep and no over excitement experienced.

Once again I digress, let’s go back to when dad visited us earlier today. It was about midway between garden visits, we had not long had lunch so was in the house. He comes in and Max bounds to the door. Before I can utter the words ‘go straight into the garden and say hi’ he’s already up seeking attention and letting loose down his leg. Dad blissfully unaware, it was one of those ‘awks’ situations.

This is not the first time he has done this as you can imagine. There’s the time he done it up my grandads leg.  My sisters boyfriend. My brother. My good friend Lee. Rhys. Me. The list goes on. Fortunately it has yet to be a stranger, I’m guessing those situations are a little bit more awkward than those that are close to you.

Never a dull life in the world of Max.

Once again a completely different aspect of read compared to my previous posts, this was a little catch-up on my end of week roundup. A little bit about what we have been up to as a family. And the wonderful world of Max. More pictures will soon follow.

For now, thank you for reading. We hope you have had a wonderful week and have a spiffing weekend.

Keep on barking ya’ll.

*images are subject to copyright from their original owners.


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