A taste for not just food.

We all love the film Marley and Me. It’s pulls at our heart strings and although sad we appreciate that he had an amazing enjoyable life.

For those that have never seen the film (after reading this you certainly should!) it’s about a dog named Marley. Marley is a Labrador who, as a puppy, was sooo cute. This cuteness soon dissipated and Marley became an adorable nightmare. Getting up to  the sort of stuff that we can laugh about because it’s not happening to our house. He soon develops a taste for almost everything, from the rubbish bins to the sofa. 

Now, when I say it’s funny because it is not happening to you, that for me has now changed. My beloved rescue dog Max has decided to follow in Marleys footsteps. I should never have let him watch it! Saying that, he hasn’t developed a taste for my furniture as of yet. 

He has had a good go at some of the plasterboard walls, the wooden floor in the kitchen (which now has a fashionable hole), black bin bags that has just been filled with old filler powder and cardboard. That created an eventful mess and powdered footprints all over the sofa, the lounge and up the stairs.

Now back to the film. Despite all the damage that Marley caused, and the close shaves, the family support and persevered with Marley. It also showed; Marley was one of the happiest dogs you would have ever seen. Family was everything to Marley. And it is the morale of the story really. My 8 year old boy watched the film with me and got really upset at the sad scene towards the backend of the film. And let’s face it we all did. All have shed a tear for Marley, whether internal or external.

I said to my boy that despite the fact that Marley had just passed away and it is sad, that he has to look past that and see the life that he had. It’s a celebration of Marleys life, that ultimately culminated in his passing. He was loved, cared for and became an integral part of their family. As all dogs around the world crave.

No matter what Max does, I never appreciate him less. He pushes my patience at times, but this is part of the joyous experience.

With all the blog posts I have sent out into the world so far, it is evident that I champion the correct behaviour in dog ownership. That these posts are designed to help you appreciate what it means to be a dog owner. 

The responsibilities. The joys. The ups and the downs. Ultimately providing your pooch with a fulfilled life.

Let’s be honest, they don’t want an awful lot. Food. Love. Toys.

Feedback is always welcomed, as I’m still getting to grips with blog writing and the correct way to word things 🙂 bark on world!!