A dog is for life.. not just for Christmas

The title of today’s post is something we have heard a lot. Through charity campaigns and being a general saying. It is amazing however, that you still find so many dogs in care waiting for their forever home because families and individuals have forgotten that simple fact.

I was saddened and disappointed at how many dogs/family members that I saw in homes when I was looking for Max. Obviously I wasn’t looking specifically for Max but when I was looking to adopt unfortunately the options were endless. Hundreds of dogs given up by their owners for a multitude of reasons.

One reason I can understand is a sudden change in someone’s circumstances. By this I mean a huge change in someone’s circumstance, a serious life changing injury, crippling old age and worst of all (but fact) a death of an owner. All hard things to deal with and the dog becomes the unfortunate sacrifice. In all these circumstances though, the owner hopes and prays that they can get to a home that gives them what they need.

What riles me is the poor pooches that have been put up for adoption because their owners family has got ‘too big’ or the children have allergies, or worst excuse of all because they can’t afford their dog. Now as mentioned in the previous posts, researching and understanding your dogs needs, especially financially is the first major step you make before giving a dog false hopes. If you fell you cannot afford a dog then do not get one, do not let your desire get the better of you because it will not end well.


As for children and allergies, make sure your family has spent time around dogs to ensure that your new addition is not dragged from their home and into kennels because they cough and sneeze. The allergies exist that of course is fact, but it should not become a reason your pooch is going up for adoption.

But my family is too big

Now, the families getting ‘too big’ issue. This should never be an issue. Would you get rid of child one because by the time you have child four the family has got too big, nope of course you wouldn’t. So why should your dog be pushed out for that exact reason, it’s not a viable reason and should not result in adoption.

Once again you can get the overwhelming sense that I have strong views on this. On the notion that despite the vast bank of information and reviews that the internet holds that people are not fully clued up about the responsibilities of a dog owner. 


I have even heard of people ‘changing’ their dogs because of fashion changes. Their dog breed is not longer fashionable and they want another breed, or a micro pig. This should never happen, and should go down as animal cruelty. They are not a purse. They are not a handbag. They do have feelings, personalities and character. And they should be treated as such.

Stats… hard hitting stats

The dogs trust charity counts 110,000 dogs looking for homes in the U.K. Over 100 thousand, yes that’s thousand, dogs are looking for a loving home. That’s 110 thousand dogs that have either been abandoned, removed from someone’s care through neglect and just given up for adoption. This is resulting in roughly 21 dogs being put to sleep every single day. That’s 21 dogs a day that were brought into this world hoping for a happy loving life, that’s 21 dogs that got their life taken away from them because if people, a person, a poor excuse. 

One of my posts in the coming weeks will be discussing animal cruelty and mistreatment. It’s a hard subject for an dog lover and any morally sound person. The reason I want to mention it is to encourage those who witness any kind of mistreatment to come forward and report it so we can stop it happening. However, for now, that will wait until the next post.

Bit of a rant post today because it is something that gets under my skin. I see dogs with their loving owners, tails wagging, some times a pain in the bum and can’t help but think why could anyone do something that will take that away. It’s people forgetting that these creatures are more than fur, more than tongue and slobber. They are real leaving things with more feelings than we have. Simple understanding of the world, with an uncanny desire to be happy. Please remember this next time you consider ‘rehoming’ your loyal friend.

And to all those that fall into the loving families, on behalf of all happy dogs around the world, thank you. You are what all dogs when born are after, on how they all want to live their lives. Keep being that great home. Keep those tails wagging and keep sweeping up that dog hair. For you are dog lovers, and that is so much better than being a cat lover 😂

Thank you all for reading. Please do leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I know each one of my posts is something slightly different and reads different, hence why I am keen to know your opinions.

Bark on people.
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**we love all animals, and jibes towards cat owners is heartfelt 😋