The beautiful side to commitment

So in the last edition I put the fear of god into you, and told you briefly how expensive your new addition to the family was going to be. Now, although extremely important to remember the financial impacts, there are so many more positive points that you are going to get from this commitment.

Nothing compares to the love of your dog. It is totally unconditional. To a certain extent; we all know they momentarily love you that little bit more when you have a tasty treat in your hand. These fascinating creatures are so much more than just a pet.

Sixth sense

Let’s touch on the sixth sense, intuition. Dogs have a way to sense things us mere humans can not. It has been known that dogs can’t sense a storm, feel badness in a person, be fearful of depression and understand an owners need. I see this in Max all the time. On days that I feel a little bit low and out of the ordinary Max is a completely different dog. He snuggles more and he constantly wants cuddles; he knows something’s not quite right. 

Don’t get me wrong, they do not necessarily know what’s wrong, they just know something is. They will then try and comfort you. 

They have even been known to know when someone is pregnant or when they are about to give birth. This is brilliantly recorded in Marley and Me. 

The Greeting

Next is my favourite by far, and one of the reasons I got Max; the greeting. That moment you walk through the door from a rubbish day at work and to greet you is this bouncing, over the moon for joy and ecstatic little bundle. Worries of the day just fizzle out, your attention is back in the room, back in the building, you are home! Your family is waiting. It’s time to forget the 9-5 your worked today, it’s time to be with your family. And the pooch is the first to remind you how great it is.

I’m a single guy and I have the joys of Max for when I get home. But the laughs (and head in hands moments) that this guy has given me is brilliant. There is a video from last week I really do want to show you and will post it up after this,

Emotional Support

As you can see I’m quite enthusiastic about the emotional support your dog will bring to you. I believe this will far outdo the fears of the financial side of the commitment. 

On a side not with regards to emotional support provided by dogs. They are known to improve people’s morale, Heath and happiness. Dogs have been and do get used by charity groups who take them into hospitals to encourage the ill. To war zones to lift the morale of soldiers. And to people who suffer from depression as emotional aide. You really can’t look at these guys/girls and think ‘it’s only a dog’ because it’s really not just a dog. They are family members. They will make you laugh. They will make you cry. However, you will share a bond that is like no other. Loyalty that you very rarely experience.

So hopefully this second instalment will swing you back away from financials and back on track with your ideals of owning a dog. We all have our own reasons.

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Look forward to the video of my arrival home last week, and more stories of the random world of Maximus.

Keep on barking guys.